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The Proper Method For Dissertation Citation: APA Style

As a part of the research process when working on a dissertation you may come upon the need to cite another dissertation. Some students don’t know that this is actually quite a common practice and as such will not know how it is properly done. This short article explains the proper method for APA citation of dissertation in any discipline that requires this style of formatting.

Many online services and proprietary software allow you to use a tool known as an APA dissertation citation generator which can easily take your resource information and properly format it in the correct matter for convenient use in your document. However, standard APA style citation isn’t as hard as you might think, and you might save yourself the time and money if you just learn the basic rules you need for dissertation citation in APA.

How to Cite Properly from a Web Source

The correct order for citing a source from the dissertation database on the web follows a similar course to what you should already be familiar with in other formats. Start with the author’s name, followed by the publication date, the title of the resource, the type of work (e.g., dissertation), the name of the database (e.g., APA citation machine dissertation), and the order number.

Picking an Appropriate Dissertation to Cite

One of the biggest problems students run into when they search for web resources is that a lot of material can be outdated. Since it stays online you always have to be diligent about searching for any information that is more current and might even debunk some of the ideas held in your original resource. Stick with a database that makes regular update notes to reference the most current info.

Using a Dissertation that Is Not Published

Because so much information is available online, many students use the first thing they find. In some cases, this could mean coming upon an unpublished work. These are dissertations that may have begun a few years ago and have either been delayed for personal reasons or because of a lack of funding. It’s okay to cite this material as long as you indicate that it is an unpublished dissertation citation APA. You should also state the use of unpublished work as a possible limitation in your study.

Don’t Overuse Dissertation Citations if Possible

Finally, it is good to briefly discuss the issue of overuse when incorporating citations. Any citation you make should be in support of your work but not a substitute for anything you could not discover on your own. Don’t rely on citations to impress your advisory committee or any of your readers. It’s easy to see when you are trying to pad your written work with others, so be sure to use it sparingly.

Using a previously published dissertation APA citation is an excellent way to demonstrate the extensive knowledge you have gained in a given area of your research study. It gives your work credibility and indicates to the reader that your argument is authoritative and can be used in future research projects. Consult a professional writing or editing agency for more useful information on proper formatting in dissertation citation APA style or in any other style. You can find reliable and affordable agencies online, where customer support representatives await to assist you on most of your academic needs.

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